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What was the Scripture of the disciples?
Where was John the Baptist from?
Who was Paul persecuting?
What is the true biblical calendar?

There are many questions around the mysteries in fragments from a lost set-apart community. The answers to these questions and more can be found within the ancient documents found in Qumran just northwest of the Dead Sea. These are known more commonly as “The Dead Sea Scrolls.” As we venture down the road through these words, we will find out who the writers of these documents were, why they were writing, and what they were writing. We will see how intimately connected the Dead Sea Scrolls are with the New Testament and why that is so important for us today. We will also see how their calendar fits within the entirety of Scripture. We will find out why it is so important for us today and in the days to come.

Could this unlock the mysterious day count of Daniel?
Have we been missing biblical Festivals?

Let’s take a journey together down the road to Damascus and discover what mysteries will be reviled.



Full Qumran Calendar Yearly Cycle Template

Zadokite Calendar Full 12 Month Layout


Want a full Monthly breakdown to check it out →  CLICK HERE


2024 - 2025 Official Zadokite Calendar PDF

Zadok Way presents the 2024-2025 Zadokite Priestly Calendar. This calendar is a culmination from the contributions of scholars, theologians, and fellow laborers in Yeshua. Many, past and present, have contributed to the most extensive research of the Qumran Zadokite calendar to date. This is the expression of our combined work by the guidance of the set-apart Spirit. We continue to learn and apply the details of the calendar as we are guided into understanding by the Spirit.