The Days of Judgment – The Fall Feasts

The Fall Feasts are coming up, but did you know that they are all Days of Judgment? What is the significance of the Days of Awe? Is Yom Teruah really Rosh Hashanah? And Finally, the Eighth Great Day! Or have we been missing something that is much deeper, hidden in plain sight? Join us as we venture down this road full of Mystery and Truth studying the Fall Festivals of YHWH.

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The Days of Noah

The Chronology of the Flood. Many times we get questions on how the flood account fits into the Calendar. It seems by a simple reading of the text that this could not work. Join Zadok Way in seeing the actual dates of the flood found in Genesis, Jubilees, and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

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The Passover – The Seder

As we come into the Passover season, many times we have the question, “How do we keep the Passover?” In this teaching, we go through the Seder, making connections from some of the traditional elements of the Seder to Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ). We hope this will help those who are searching “how to keep” the Feast of Passover. We also hope it will enrich everyone’s Passover experience with a new perspective you may have not heard before. Either way, we hope this teaching blesses you, and that you have a blessed Passover.

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UPDATED: Zadokite Calendar 2019/2020

We bring you an update on the Zadokite Calendar. We have uncovered new information about what role the moon has to play in the calendar. This information changes our understanding of how the moon fits into this solar calendar and the witness it brings to understand the times and seasons.

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