Welcome to Zadok Way

We are people desiring to follow the teachings of Yahsua/Jesus. We seek to know what scripture originally stated with authentic and historically accurate translations. Our intention is to come into a deeper understanding of the traditions and culture of the covenant and the law.

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Nickelsburg Commentary on Enoch 1

As we press into the frontiers of Yah’s revelation for His people today, we find ourselves taking a trip back in time. Many today seek to go deeper in relationship and knowledge, looking back to our past to understand our future. Is there validity to 1 Enoch? Do we accept this text as authoritative? What would the fathers of YOUR faith say?

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Scribal Practices by Emanuel Tov

This is a work of many scholars who had first-hand access to the scrolls. We believe you will find it useful in determining the validity and credibility of the (DSS) Dead Sea Scrolls. This book is highly coveted by scholars to validate the script writers themselves. Take a look and read for yourself.

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