2024-2025 Zadokite Calendar

Zadok Way presents the 2024-2025 Zadokite Priestly Calendar. This calendar is a culmination from the contributions of scholars, theologians, and fellow laborers in Yeshua. Many, past and present, have contributed to the most extensive research of the Qumran Zadokite calendar to date.

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The Sabbath Day

The Sabbath day is probably one the most important days on Yahweh’s calendar and possibly one of the most important commandments as well. Watch this teaching to learn why this day is so important for our walk and connection to our creator.

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Welcome to Zadok Way

We are people desiring to follow the teachings of Yahsua/Jesus. We seek to know what scripture originally stated with authentic and historically accurate translations. Our intention is to come into a deeper understanding of the traditions and culture of the covenant and the law.

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