The Zadok way team has started the Book of Ephesians, you may not be aware that the Book of Ephesians may or may have not been written to Ephesus, The letter may have been a community doctrinal scroll. This is up for debate, likewise we have found something undeniable in the Ephesians 1st chapter itself, this set us on a discovery of major proportions, we are continuously being shown the spirit of prophecy is not dead.

We remain humble and continue to study as we have been shown to move forward in this understanding and this is just a door being opened and will require more in depth study to turn up the fine and precious jewels yet to be discovered.

Our first word discovered was the word serak Yahad. This is the exact meaning in Ephesians 1:10 [G3622 KJV Dispensation]. This can only mean 1 or 2 different understandings:

It is purely coincidence that Paul was referencing the same word as used in the community rule.

That Paul was teaching the transition from a Physical temple to the responsibilities in the New covenant and our spiritual responsibility in this new Covenant as the Temple.

We believe it to be the latter as there is so much jumping out from scholars to allow anyone with insight to clearly see and delineate a detailed understanding of an authoritative document as  the Book of Ephesians is.

Ephesians is a Lawful treatise, The book lays out the walk of real faith in the Shed blood of the Messiah. Further, this is clearly a continuation that matches the Community Rule in Qumran. The fact Paul did study at Qumran for three years, (that is also the amount of time required to be in the community before teaching). This has a militaristic overtone to it as the Army of Yah, and Finally it is applied to the Blood of Yahusha for all believers.

The attached documentation is a preview of this discovery, for the sake of expediency and your willingness to study we present for your edification in Yahusha.

The conclusions we leave open for your interpretation, we merely present what we find. Your questions will guide us where we can teach and the need further discovery. We hope you enjoy the following links.



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