As we press into the frontiers of Yah’s revelation for His people today, we find ourselves taking a trip back in time. Many today seek to go deeper in relationship and knowledge, looking back to our past to understand our future.

As many have looked to go back to the roots of faith, there are many who look back to the Nicene fathers of the Church to understand how to understand the Scriptures. Most of us have access to both Catholic and Protestant canons, but we seek to go back further, to the time of our Messiah. One of the most exciting discoveries out our faith journey has been diving into the DSS/Qumran Scrolls.

The DSS/QS both validate and challenge us on our walk today by calling us back to the Hebrew origins of our faith. One question that we as a community have posed; What is Scripture? Authoritative texts and practices within the Qumran community differ greatly than they do in the Church of today, and it is with this in mind that we would like to address the 1 Enoch Scroll.

1 Enoch was not only impactful to the Second Temple period and Qumran community, it impacted and shaped beliefs inherent in Christianity. Its influence is found in Scripture today, despite its lack of canonization.

Attached, you will find commentary from George Nicklesburg on 1 Enoch. In this treatise, Nicklesburg will track Enochian language, themes, and traditions through our Scriptures and writings of Early Church Fathers.

Is there validity to 1 Enoch? Do we accept this text as authoritative? What would the fathers of YOUR faith say?


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