Shalom Everyone!

We are pleased to announce the release of our newest video teaching. In this video, we will tackle the ever so complicated question of intercalation.

Do we need to intercalate?
Why or why not?
Which method should be used?

In Yeshua Messiah,
Zadok Way

2022 - 2023 Official Zadokite Calendar PDF

Zadok Way presents the 2022-2023 Zadokite Priestly Calendar. This calendar is a culmination from the contributions of scholars, theologians, and fellow laborers in Yeshua. Many, past and present, have contributed to the most extensive research of the Qumran Zadokite calendar to date. This is the expression of our combined work by the guidance of the set-apart Spirit. We continue to learn and apply the details of the calendar as we are guided into understanding by the Spirit.

Full Qumran Calendar Yearly Cycle Template

Zadokite Calendar Full 12 Month Layout


Want a full Monthly breakdown to check it out →  CLICK HERE