Brothers and Sisters in Messiah,

For posterity and in the Spirit of the Apostles, and the Priests of the Way before them, who have given us example of how we serve not for recognition, but as a witness for our King and High Priest, Master Yeshua. We testify it is His blood shed for all that covers all sin. We further add that by Wisdom through the Holy Spirit, the spirit of Prophecy is moving forward. We see this in the continued revelation of this calendar. Three pieces are required to make this work. The scrolls from antiquity found at Qumran, The Holy Scripture, and the Spirit leading us and using us as is fit before all men and women. We declare we are fellow workers and in need of a savior like all and we thank and raise Yeshua for allowing us to continue in this work.

About three months ago January 2019, we were starting to reach out to likeminded groups, having found a kindred spirit in each and the humility and bond we shared is continuing to show many the humility and genuineness we share. It came to all of us through various works of professors before us and a more complete Dead Sea Scroll edition, that we have begun to piece together how the moon is to operate in this calendar with the help of fellow workers in Messiah.

Our actions require we adjust our understanding. In the coming Head of the Year and time to follow we will post how we discovered this update and more. We will also continue sharing our journey and continue to seek truth. This work is not our own but He who works through us. We continue in humility and in allowance of correction by the Spirit and other workmen in Messiah.

Zadok Way is a not only a ministry, but also a library and will continue to add resources and information as we find it credible and verifiable. We thank you for sharing in your journey and please always feel free to share with us what the Set-Apart Spirit is showing you.

In February of 2019 after being contacted by some like-minded brothers we realized the Michael Wise version of the DSS we have been using is incomplete. It is missing multiple calendar fragments, however the Geza Vermes edition has these fragments. We are specifically referring to fragments 4Q320 & 4Q321a. The Michael Wise version is incomplete where the Geza Vermes edition has these fragments that lead us to correct a couple small points due to the new information.

Why is this important?

These fragments show a multiple year cycle of when the Full and New Moon should fall on specific days of every month in the solar year. Which also becomes a witness to establish which year in the cycle we are in. Since 2013, it has followed this pattern perfectly and will continue to be perfect if we do not intercalate this year. This would mean the calendar would start on the Gregorian date March 20th. When starting the cycle on this date the Full moons fall exactly as written down in the fragments 4Q320 aligning with the first year of the cycle.

With this new information, we took responsibility to get this information out to the body and let you decide what each community will do. We understand that since we released our first teaching under the previous information communities have been making plans for the year and specifically the upcoming Passover. Some of the communities intimately involved in this process have decided to switch already but we know that might not be possible for everyone. Therefore, we encourage, through love, that each community do what is best for their local assembly. We discussed and present three possible options, this is not meant to make you decide but provide possible ways to adjust based on this new information.

1. Switch and not intercalate
2. Switch after the spring feasts
3. Wait until next year to switch

Concerning Intercalation:

If you don’t understand intercalation think of this in simple terms of the mainstream Gregorian calendar when it comes to adding a February 29th every 4 years. This is used to balance the cycle so the seasons stay in the same parts of the year instead of slowly shifting. Every calendar we have looked at uses some form of intercalation and the Zadokite Calendar uses a similar adjustment. This is so Passover doesn’t become a fall feast over time.

The reason we intercalated this year is because the equinox should happen on Wednesday, March 20th. The brothers that reached out to us have mapped out these cycles for about 150 years and this year is extremely rare. It is the only time in 150 years that they have mapped out so far, where we have 3 witnesses occur on the same day. Abib 1, the Equinox, and a Full Moon all fall on the exact same day. We believe that is a witness in of itself. There are important celestial signs in the heavens that day. With that being said, we have also read some scholarly material that shows, that even scholars entertain the idea, that the Qumran community sometimes started the year ON the vernal equinox. Once again, something we did not know. With all of this information being shared, the calendar matches the lunar cycles to intercalate next year. And this also seems to be a potential Sabbatical year.

Through this change we encourage people not to judge or condemn. We encourage everyone to make this decision as a local community, and do what is best for their community in this time.

Also, we are now beginning to have answers for verses such as:

He appointed the moon for seasons;(moed)
The sun knows its going down. – Psalm 104:19

Also, we see as well

It shall be established forever like the moon,
Even like the faithful witness in the sky.” Selah-Psalm 89:37

These verses about the moon are beginning to make sense now. We have the moon as a faithful second witness to when our Moedim (Feasts) should be occurring. We have heard many times, “What about the moon?” well now, we have that answer, at least a major part of it.

Zadok Way presents these findings for you and yours Blessings in your continued walk and thank you for Journeying with us.

Zadok Way

2022 - 2023 Official Zadokite Calendar PDF

Zadok Way presents the 2022-2023 Zadokite Priestly Calendar. This calendar is a culmination from the contributions of scholars, theologians, and fellow laborers in Yeshua. Many, past and present, have contributed to the most extensive research of the Qumran Zadokite calendar to date. This is the expression of our combined work by the guidance of the set-apart Spirit. We continue to learn and apply the details of the calendar as we are guided into understanding by the Spirit.

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Zadokite Calendar Full 12 Month Layout


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