Hiding in Plain Sight

Who actually lived in Qumran?

A problem we are going to run into in any reformation is the protagonist that will automatically roll you into an “Identity”.

For example, stating the Qumran community was the Essenes.

This is simply not true and in light of true scholarship, there is much more proof to the contrary. One video on this topic we recommend is produced by the God Culture. This research clearly demonstrates that it was the Zadokite priests, which Christianity and Jewish theologians would like to keep hidden. For each group has its own agenda and the thought of us becoming one stick in the hand of Jesus becomes an issue to both theologies. The Dead Sea Scrolls tell a story if you are ready to listen.

Below is a link to a recent article trying to keep separate the message of 2000 years to this generation. As well links to the God Cultures Videos on the Qumran Community.


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