Bible Study the Zadok Way

Welcome, if you are here you are ready to start studying the text. We here at Zadok Way would like to share a method of study with you, which we hope will add to your journey as the Holy Spirit reveals the hidden gems in the text. If you don’t have the resources we use we recommend the sites linked here.

Let’s start with our Bible, many of us here at Zadokway use many different versions, we are looking to consolidate to one version for the sake of uniformity, so for our online audience, we recommend the Apostolic Polyglot Bible. There is not a finer price than this for an excellent resource.

You can purchase this Bible at, for around $50 Dollars.

The second Book we recommend is the Ancient Hebrew Lexicon, by Jeff Brenner. This resource will allow you to go from the Greek back to the Hebrew to the root Paleo Hebrew Meaning. The Jeff Brenner book can be purchased at Amazon for about $31 Dollars.

These two will provide you the Old/New Testament translated Greek Septuagint, and the Hebrew to define words.

Welcome aboard, our next teaching will walk through from step one to completion a small study….stay tuned




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